• Don’t interrupt. Invite.

They like it, they talk about it, they share it.

Effective advertising, branding and design all start with the same thing – one big idea that offers value to the customer. It could be a powerful product benefit, an emotional story or just a smile. Nothing leaves our office without it. 

Cheaper, faster, better.

It’s a modern reality for every client and we get that. You can still create powerful work under these demands and we always look forward to the challenge. Be organized, strategic and insightful, great creative will follow.

Simple is good.

We often ask our marketing and communications to do too much. Try to be single-minded and you’ll get more value for your money.

Guessing makes us nervous.

Great insights are the key to effective work. Our briefs and strategies are developed from research and data, ensuring their effectiveness.

  • Small means fast. (And good.)

    C+A’s size, collective experience and simple process lends itself to quick execution. Often, we can get to an approach in a single client meeting allowing us to create engaging ideas, faster.

Yeah, we’ve done that.

Whether it’s the launch of Apple’s iPhone in Canada, or a simple beverage coaster for Canadian Club, our experience offers clients great value. It really is big agency thinking and talent without the big agency price tag.

We do it all for you.

Advertising + Branding + Digital

Brains and Talent.

To know where you’re going, you’ve got to know where you’ve been.
Our deep experience in creative, strategy, and digital ensures that what we create will be right for today’s platforms.

Joe Amaral
Creative Director, Partner

Joe is an award-winning creative director who’s worked at agencies like Cossette and TBWA. He’s done campaigns for Bell, Apple, Nissan, McDonalds, Petro Canada, Nike, Cheerios, and more. Joe is a passionate fly fisherman, cookbook hound and a fan of anything Wes Anderson.

Derrick Cho
Business Director, Partner

As a co-founder of IAB Canada, Internet employee #1 at The Globe and Mail, Derrick’s DNA is digital. He’s lead marketing for multiple tech start-ups and spent time at agencies like TAXI, BBDO, and FCB. He’s done work for Freedom Mobile, Chrysler, Abbott, and more. Derrick is a mountain-bike racing, gardening, foodie.

  • Brands we’ve worked on.

    Apple • Bell • Carlsberg • Chrysler • Dairy Farmers of Canada • Eli Lilly • General Mills • Mars • Nissan • Nivea • The Globe and Mail • McDonalds • Pepsi • PEI Tourism • Sears • Scotiabank • Sick Kids • Tim Hortons • Visa

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